Almost two million refugees entered Poland

Biden promises Putin will pay ‘a very heavy price’

As President Joe Biden announced additional aid to Ukraine, he promised Russian President Vladimir Putin would pay a “heavy price” for his “appalling” attack on the country.

“Putin is inflicting appalling devastation and horror on Ukraine,” Biden said during his remarks on Wednesday. “Bombing apartment buildings, maternity wards, hospitals. I mean, it’s awful.

Biden announced on Wednesday that the United States would provide an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine.

“We are going to give Ukraine the weapons to fight and defend itself through all the difficult days ahead,” he said. “I want to be honest with you, this could be a long and difficult battle. But the American people will be steadfast in their support for the Ukrainian people.”

Along with military assistance, the United States continues to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians still in the country and to those who have fled to safety. Biden said the United States had provided $300 million in humanitarian assistance in recent weeks, including tens of thousands of tons of food, water, supplies and medicine.

“The world is united in our support for Ukraine and in our determination to make Putin pay a very heavy price,” Biden said. “Together with our allies and partners, we will keep the pressure on Putin’s crumbling economy, isolating him on the world stage. That is our goal, to make Putin pay the price, to weaken his position.”

Biden announced the latest round of security assistance hours after Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky addressed Congress. Biden watched his speech from a private residence, calling it “compelling and meaningful.”