Best-preserved items for Infernape

Infernape, the final form of Sinnoh’s Chimchar Fire-type starter, is one of the best attackers available in Pokemon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl. Although it has its drawbacks, it is very popular among players for its offensive power. Attacks that match each of its two shooting / combat types can deal super effective damage to a wide range of opponents.

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Like most Pokémon, however, Infernape is not without its flaws. It’s fast and strong, but not as solid as Empoleon or Torterra. Fortunately, with the abundance of pending items available in Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl, players can compensate for that. The right item can either increase Infernape’s resilience or increase his attack power so high that enemies can’t even touch it.

seven Muscle band

muscle band on sinnoh background

Infernape’s basic attack and special attack are equal, but most of his moves are physical rather than special. To play on Infernape’s strength in this area, try giving him the Muscle Band, which increases the power of the wearer’s physical attacks by 10%.

Players can obtain the Muscle Band at the Battle Tower, which becomes accessible in the post-match period. It can be purchased for 48 Battle Points (BP) which are earned by participating in Battle Tower matches.


6 Scope lens

rifle scope on sinnoh background

Infernape is perhaps the most powerful offensively of the Sinnoh starters, and this item only increases his attack strength. When held, it increases the user’s critical hit rate chance by one level. Critical hits deal 1.5 times more damage, giving Infernape an even better chance to take out opponents in one hit.

Like the Muscle Band, this item can be purchased at the Battle Tower for 48 BP. However, for players who want to save their points, talk to an old lady from PokeMart in the combat zone. It will give the player a range objective for free and offer a brief explanation of what they are doing.

5 King’s Rock


If Infernape fails to defeat its opponent in one move, the correct item can still prevent the opposing Pokémon from fighting back. This is where the King’s Rock comes in handy. When the holder of this item deals damage, the target has a 10% chance to knock back.

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King’s Rocks can be found by catching a Savage Poliwhirl, which has a small chance of holding this item. Players can encounter this Pokémon while fishing or surfing Route 225. They also appear in the Grand Underground (i.e., Fountainspring Caves and Grassland Caves) once the player has obtained the National Dex. When looking for a King’s Rock, a Pokémon with the Thief move comes in handy, as it allows the player to slide the object held by the target.

4 coal

charcoal on sinnoh background

There aren’t many types of fire in Sinnoh, and that’s why so many players choose Chimchar as their starter. Fire-type attacks are powerful and have excellent offensive cover, and the charcoal-held item makes them 50% stronger. With it, Infernape becomes a threat to any opponent, not just those weak for Fire type moves.

Players can find charcoal on Route 227 in the Sinnoh region only accessible during the post-match period. Alternatively, Torkoal and Goupix both have a 5% chance to hold smut when caught. For players who don’t want to wait until after the game to retrieve this item, there is one lying on the floor in a Sandsear Cave Refuge in the western part of the Grand Underground.

3 Black belt

black belt on sinnoh background

The Combat type is tied with Sol for having the greatest number of weak types against his attacks: Normal, Rock, Dark, Steel and Ice. This means that Infernape’s Combat-type moves are among its greatest assets, especially since there are gyms in Sinnoh dedicated to Rock, Steel, and Ice. With that in mind, the black belt is a great item for Infernape, as it increases these attacks by 20%.

Players can get the black belt on route 221. On this route is a house with an old man inside; each day that man will call out a number between 1 and 100. If the player shows him a Pokémon whose level matches that number, he will reward it with an item. The first item he gives as a reward is the black belt.

2 Passho bay

passho-berry with sinnoh background

As a firefighting type, Infernape has a few weaknesses that can threaten it in combat, but water-type attacks are perhaps the most dangerous. Water-type Pokémon are by far the most common, accounting for around 16% of all Pokémon. The Passho Berry, when held by a Pokémon, will be Halve the damage taken by a super effective Water-type attack. In extreme circumstances, this can help Infernape tank an otherwise fatal stunt or surf.

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Passho Bay is one of the rarest bays in Sinnoh, but it’s not too hard to find. The Berry Woman of Pastoria City dispenses one damage reducing Berry to the player per day; talk to him enough times and players will get one eventually. Once obtained, plant and water the Passho Berry to build up a large supply.

1 Leftovers

leftovers on sinnoh background

Although Infernape is an excellent attacker, he has the lowest base HP of the fully evolved Sinnoh starters. Constantly healing it after taking hits can be tedious and detract from battle, so a held item that heals continuously is a perfect choice for this Pokémon. Leftovers, once held, will be Restores 1/16 of the user’s maximum health at the end of each turn.

Players can find a portion of Leftovers on Victory Road, as they battle to take on the Pokémon League. There’s also one in the Ice Cavern of the Grand Underground, which can be found by accessing the Metro in or near Snowpoint City.

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