Mother-of-pearl to treat and relieve, this is the challenge that MEGA BIOPHARMA has chosen to take up

MEGA BIOPHARMA is a biotechnology company, based on three sites in France, a world pioneer in tissue regeneration, focusing on skin, cartilage and bone. It offers a set of effective and safe therapeutic solutions.

After nearly 15 years of R&D, preclinical and human experiences, the company delivers the breakthrough BIONACRE® technology, providing solutions in many fields such as psoriasis, vitiligo, cartilage reconstruction, vertebroplasty, implantology dentistry and orthopedics.

“With our technology, we will help hundreds of millions of patients” – Joel Drai, Founder and President

Based on the pioneering and innovative work of its researchers, Doctors Georges and Serge Camprasse, this biotech uses mother-of-pearl for therapeutic applications of tissue regeneration.

“Derived from the shell of bivalve molluscs, mother-of-pearl (nacre) is an ancestral material, which appeared tens of millions of years ago, whose complex composition presents an astonishing similarity and a great complementarity with that of living tissues, in particular humans”, explains its founder Joël DRAI. Its remarkable restorative properties have long given rise to numerous empirical uses in different regions of the world, where mother-of-pearl is often present in local pharmacopoeias, for skin care applications.

MEGA BIOPHARMA scientists first studied at length the metabolism of these shells and the mechanisms of creation in protected mode of the mother-of-pearl constituting the exoskeleton of these organisms. They then selected species, including the Pinctada Maxima, one of the main forms of the pearl oyster (also called “Nacre”).

“We have chosen to understand the mechanisms of this entirely natural biomaterial, its interactions with our body, to identify and improve certain unique properties in order to offer BIONACRE®, a set of innovative, effective and safe therapeutic solutions, allowing improve the safety, comfort and social well-being of millions of people,” says Joël DRAI.

Implants, bone substitutes and creams

Research work and preclinical and clinical observations have enabled the company to develop specific patented processes, and to prove the feasibility and performance of several types of application, depending on the possible forms of the biomaterial:

The unique osteogenic and bioerodible implants, plates and screws and anchors are intended for orthopedic repair, fashioned, possibly custom-made, from solid or bio-absorbable forms of BIONACRE®. This technology makes it possible to avoid a second surgery, thanks to the fully resorbable property of the biomaterial.

BIONACRE® bone substitutes in powder form are used for the repair and filling of defects in the dental or orthopedic fields. In vertebroplasty, BIONACRE® comes in the form of a sealing cement to fill vertebral defects.

The dermo-cosmetic products will be launched in the last quarter of 2022, under a new clean skincare brand.

12 products in three ranges: a repair cream to repair damaged skin, sunburn and scratches, four topical products to treat atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and very dry skin and six topical products for normal skin plus 1 supplement food to regenerate all skin types.

Numerous proofs of concept, tests and uses have conferred proven efficacy on the skin for psoriasis, vitiligo, deep burns and skin regeneration; on cartilage with regeneration of chondroblasts; on bone with neo-osseous induction; on the filling of bone defects in dental and vertebroplasty; and finally, on the fractures with the 1st natural osteogenic, bioerodible and bioresorbable plates & screws to avoid 2n/a surgery for the removal of the brace.

We are well advanced in the FDA certification process (510k regulatory path) which will drive our go-to-market strategy with key partners (MEGA DENTAL, French leader in the distribution of dental products).

MEGA BIOPHARMA is made up of a technological platform that brings together all the support and cross-functional functions (administrative, fundamental R&D, quality, regulatory affairs, scientific committee).

The versatility of our biomaterial offers a very wide range of potential markets and products.

For now, MEGA BIOPHARMA is specifically targeting 4 markets and has created dedicated vertical divisions for each of them, with its 26 employees (7 are dedicated to the company’s dermo-cosmetics project); 3 sites (including 2 for R&D and production). The company’s strong patent strategy is materialized by 165 patents registered in 5 patent categories worldwide.

“Whatever the form initially used, powder or solid, its biomimetic properties, osteoconduction and osteogenicity for bone regeneration, BIONACRE® shows an astonishing ability to adapt to any recipient site, by placing itself under the host dependency, aiding the process to rebuild lost tissue. For example, most losses of bone substance caused by an accident (multiple fractures), the powder form of BIONACRE®, used in surgery as a bone substitute, is “recognized” biologically by the patient’s body to fill the loss of substance , helping to repair and rebuild damaged bones.

Our scientific publications highlight spectacular biological effects, total biocompatibility and the absence of side effects. The possible applications of BIONACRE® are extremely wide. We are confident in the rapid development of our biotechnology company thanks to the support of our financial partners. We aim to distribute our BIONACRE® products widely. Our DNA is to be at the service of people, while being respectful of nature”, concludes Joël DRAI.

An experienced and recognized scientific committee:


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