Pearl Jam cancels its tour | Entertainment

Pearl Jam has canceled the remainder of its US tour.

The band ‘Alive’ were joined at recent gigs by guest drummers after Matt Cameron contracted COVID-19, but after bassist Jeff Ament also tested positive for the virus, they made the decision to drop out. their remaining gigs in Sacramento and Las Vegas.

Eddie Vedder and his bandmates have apologized to fans who were scheduled to attend the shows.

They said in a statement shared on Twitter: “Dear PJ fans and ticket holders, as the band battled it out in Oakland after drummer Matt Cameron tested positive for Covid, and Fresno where Ed and the band got through it with the help of Dave Krusen as special guest drummer, they now have to deliver the heartbreaking news that this morning bassist Jeff Ament tested positive for COVID.

“It’s horrible for everyone involved and we’re especially sorry for those who planned to attend these shows. Our focus on staying inside the bubble has been consistent. We’ve really done everything we can. could to stay safe from infection.

“Unfortunately, the Sacramento and Las Vegas shows are canceled. Ticket refunds will be automatically processed based on the ticket holders’ method of purchase. We are so sorry. Be safe there.

Pearl Jam’s first drummer, Dave Krusen, 56, played this week with the band for the first time in 31 years.

Professionals Josh Klinghoffer and Richard Stuverud also replaced Matt, but the band also recruited local fans to play with them on some tracks.

At last week’s shows in Oakland, Calif., local music teacher Josh Arroyo stepped in to play the band’s latest song “Yellow Ledbetter,” and the next night teenager Kai Neukermans – who plays in a band called The Alive – was brought on stage to perform “Mind Your Manners”.

According to reports, the pair had been carefully scouted and selected before the shows and were given time to rehearse with the band, rather than their onstage introduction being spontaneous.