Pearl TV and MediaTek present “FastTrack To NEXTGEN TV”

New platform accelerates development and time to market for new TVs and smart devices

Pearl TV, the coalition of American broadcast companies transitioning to NEXTGEN TV, and MediaTek have launched “FastTrack to NEXTGEN TV”, a program that accelerates and streamlines the path of adoption of NEXTGEN TV technology by manufacturers. consumer electronics producing smart TVs and related devices at volume.

“NEXTGEN TV’s trajectory hasn’t slowed and now our expanded collaboration with MediaTek only strengthens the path to ubiquitous inclusion and adoption,” says Anne Schelle, CEO of Pearl TV. “We’re thrilled that together with MediaTek, we can usher in high-volume, low-cost TVs that consumers want and buy today, especially among millennials.”

The FastTrack program offers consumer electronics manufacturers an easier, faster and more cost-effective process to introduce NEXTGEN TV-enabled products through MediaTek’s reference platform. The reference platform will be pre-certified for compliance with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) NEXTGEN TV logo requirements, A3SA security and RUN3TV application platform, ensuring manufacturers meet standards the highest in terms of authenticity and security.

“We are very pleased to work with Pearl TV as a full NEXTGEN TV solution provider with a comprehensive reference platform for high-volume TV manufacturers, including TV System on a Chip (SoC), ATSC3 demodulators and the software stack,” said Alfred Chan, vice president of TV business unit in MediaTek’s Smart Home Group. “MediaTek has provided TV SoC solutions to 90% of all TV brands, and this accelerated pre-certified program will help accelerate our support to customers at scale.”

Now broadcasting in nearly 60 markets covering more than half of the United States, NEXTGEN TV is expected to reach 82% of viewers in the United States by the end of 2022. And consumer interest in the new technology is also strong. : according to a recent study by Magid, 85% of viewers without a NEXTGEN TV will probably buy one next year. NEXTGEN TV has already proven to be one of the fastest growing new technologies introduced to consumers, overtaking DVD player sales over the same period in its first three years. Sales of NEXTGEN TVs are expected to double this year compared to 2021, increase by 75% in 2023, then increase again by 100% in 2024 according to the CTA.

NEXTGEN TVs are proliferating, with now around 70 models available at retail, starting at between $500 and $600, from Sony, Samsung and LG. Hisense was recently added to the list of manufacturers, giving consumers even more receiver choices as its models are introduced this year.

“The FastTrack program comes to market at an opportune time for consumer electronics manufacturers looking to invest in cutting-edge streaming technology and better serve their customers with unparalleled visual and audio functionality,” Chan adds. “Consumers want televisions with NEXTGEN TV features and they want to be part of the future of television. NEXTGEN TV represents a new realm of possibilities for TV and device manufacturers, and we’re thrilled that this collaboration will help open the door for brands that want a seat at the table.

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