Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Clip Remind Why Players Should Always Have Fastballs On Hand

the Pokemon franchise is home to a long list of games across its generations. Although it spans different regions, each game tends to follow a simple path: collect as many Pokémon as possible. To further this goal, players can purchase and find a wide variety of different Poke Balls. Each comes with a different catch rate, and, like a pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl discovered player, the Quick Ball can be an incredibly powerful option.

the Pokemon The franchise has been in North America since the late 1990s and currently features eight generations of Pokémon. pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl players have a wide variety of Poke Balls at their disposal, including Ultra Balls, Quick Balls, Nest Balls, and Timer Balls.


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This wild moment involving the Quick Ball comes from u/Astra_CosmicNova, and it’s hard to believe. The scene begins by introducing a battle to the game. The Pokémon they face is not only Rayquaza, but it’s a shiny version of this legendary Pokémon. U/Astra_CosmicNova throws down her level 75 Roselia and quickly moves to her inventory. In a brilliant move, they move on to their roster of fastballs and throw one at the very first opportunity. It wobbles not just once, not just twice, but three times, then clicks to show a successful capture. This being one of the hardest Pokemon to capture in the game, this clip shows just how useful fastballs can be if used correctly.

The Quick Ball was introduced in Pokemonfourth-generation and costs players $1,000 in-game each. The special thing about this Poke Ball is that when players use it at the start of a battle, it has a much higher chance of catching the Pokemon. This ranges from a 4x multiplier in gen 4 to a 5x multiplier starting in gen 5. Although this bullet has a higher percentage chance than most other options, being able to capture a Rayquaza in pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl in the first round is an exceptionally impressive achievement.

Poke Ball options across the different generations of Pokemon add an impressive layer to an already interesting mechanic. Giving players different options when it comes to catching Pokemon makes the process of hunting down dozens of different creatures in each region more enjoyable.

Again, there are currently a wide variety of choices, and each has its own advantages. Those looking to add every type of Poke Ball to their bag are going to have to spend a pretty significant amount of money. Either way, players should be impressed with this well-played move performed by U/Astra_CosmicNova in-game.

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl pokemon are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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