Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to get Aerodactyl

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Pokémon that have disappeared but can be revived with the power of science are known as Pokémon Fossil. In Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Pokemon shiny pearl, Trainers can dig up fossils in the Grand Underground. While Skull and Armor Fossils are exclusive versions, Generation 1-3 Pokémon Fossils can be obtained in both. Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl. One fossil to look for is Old Amber.

Aerodactyl was one of the first Fossil Pokémon to appear in the Pokemon world. He’s a Rock / Flying guy who is capable of Mega Evolving in generations 6-7. As a fossil Pokémon, Aerodactyl cannot be found in the wild. Instead, trainers will need to take Old Amber to the Oreburgh City Museum in order to revive Aerodactyl.


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Where to find old amber

old amber pokemon trading card game

Old Amber can be found in the Grand Underground along with other Pokémon fossils. If play Brilliant diamond, players can get the Skull Fossil, but not the Armor Fossil. Also, Shiny pearl players will experience the opposite.

Although Aerodactyl is part of the National Dex, Old Amber can be mined before players become Pokémon champions. However, Old Amber is extremely rare and it will depend on how lucky players are or not.

When mining use the pickaxe to clean the tiles around the old amber instead of using the hammer because the hammer breaks the wall much faster.

Once the Coaches have the Old Amber, take it to the Oreburgh Museum in Oreburgh City. Use Fly to get to Oreburgh, then head towards Route 207. To the right is a giant building. Go inside and talk to the man in the lab coat and glasses. Give him the old amber and he will revive Aerodactyl. While he says he needs to focus, all players need to do is leave the building, come back in, then talk to him again to get their newly born Aerodactyl. Fossil Pokemon will always have a random gender, Nature, and will be level 20.

More information on Aerodactyl

Pokemon Aerodactyl

Being a Rock / Flying-type means that Aerodactyl shares some of the same weaknesses as the Rock and Flying-type Pokémon. Aerodactyl has a base stats total of 515, which rises to 615 when in Mega Evolved. However, Mega Evolution does not exist in Brilliant diamond & Shiny pearl, leaving Aerodactyl unable to Mega Evolve.

Its basic stat spread and type efficiency are as follows:

Basic statistics Stat no.
HP 80
Attack 105
Defense 65
Special attack 60
Special defense 75
Speed 130
Strengths: Grass, Fighting, Bug, Fly, Fire
Weaknesses: Water, Ice, Electric, Steel, Rock
Resistors: Normal, Flight, Insect, Fire, Poison
Immunities: Earth

Aerodactyl is a fast Pokémon with a powerful attack. Most of his movepool consists of physical movements such as Stone Edge and Wing Attack. Additionally, Aerodactyl can learn Ground-Type Earthquake via TM, which gives it cover against Electric-Type Pokémon.

The best Nature for Aerodactyl is Jolly (+ Spd, -Sp.Attk). This nature sacrifices its special attack growth while increasing base speed growth. Since Aerodactyl’s best special move is the normal type hyper beam, which requires recharging, Aerodactyl’s special attack is not as useful as his attack stat.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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