Refitting of the 130 Pearl on deck

Plans to renovate a historic building on Pearl Street will be considered by the Preservation Board this week. The charming three-story building at 130 Pearl Street has a mixed-use future. Architectural and engineering firm Trautman Associates is converting the upper floors of 130 Pearl Street into 12 apartments with retail or office space downstairs. Trautman bought the former home from Stewart Title Insurance Company for $660,000 in August 2020.

Built in 1916, 130 Pearl Street currently contains 14,000 square feet. of space and is located between the Guaranty building and the newly renovated Cathedral Commons building in the Joseph Ellicott Historic District.

From the project request:

The primary use of this 13,996 square foot building will transition from office to mixed use, comprising twelve residential units and commercial space on the ground floor. Exterior renovations will include restoration of original terracotta and street level storefront.

This project is in the process of seeking historic tax credits as part of the funding source. As such the proposed work has been designed in accordance with the Home Secretary’s Standard for Rehabilitation.

Pearl Street Façade Renovation Details:

At the level of the main facade, the second and third floors are heavily glazed with the solid parts clad in terracotta. The terracotta needs to be fully repaired as the glass faces of the units are peeling off the surface considerably. Previously, a coating had been applied to the surface to remedy the condition of the terracotta, but the coating has reached the end of its life and is failing. Several units are also cracked and/or broken. Historically, the first floor was also heavily glazed with terracotta cladding above a glazed display case that spanned the full width of the first floor..

Currently, the first floor has a largely solid face of green marble with red marble accents. This marble cladding dates from approximately the 1960s and is in good overall condition. The sides and rear of the building are executed in standard red brick with concrete sills at the rear openings.

Brick and concrete are in good to fair condition with heavy discoloration throughout. On the rear elevation, many historic openings have been filled.

At the main façade, the existing surface coating will be gently removed from the terracotta using Prosoco Sure Klean products, and any pressure washing will not exceed 150 PSI. Delaminated surfaces and unsanitary materials will also be eliminated. Undamaged chipped units will be treated with Conproco Terra-Color restoration product to restore lost material and an enamel finish. Any units that are broken and/or damaged beyond repair will be removed and replaced with new replica terracotta units to match. A second restorative product, Conproco Terracotta Finish, matt, will then be applied to the entire facade to create a uniform finish.

On the first floor, all non-historic marble cladding will be removed and a full-width storefront will be restored on the first floor. Above the storefront, new terracotta cladding will be installed in place of the historic first floor terracotta cladding to match the design of the historic drawings.

The rear facade

The project adds to a growing group of residential projects on Pearl Street South, including neighboring Cathedral Commons (seven units), 82 Pearl (12 units), 298 Main Street (26 units), One Seneca Lofts (104 units ), the future 61 Terrace (148 units) and the forthcoming reconversion of the Dun Building (23 units).