RIP Bill Pearl + LBUSD limits participation in events, cancels events

Hey, long beach! Happy National Tempura Day! Let’s start this Friday with everything you need to know today in Long Beach.

The one and only Bill Pearl passed away. Also, the last COVID-19 outbreak forces school district to postpone and cancel events. Finally, MP Patrick O’Donnell retires, and Josh Lowenthal wants his job.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Scattered fog in the morning. High: 60 Low: 51.

Here are the best stories today in Long Beach:

  1. Bill Perle, the founder of, died Tuesday at the age of 71. A true journalist, he “tell the public what the town hall doesn’t want them to know. “He helped the readers.”Follow the money“and” didn’t care if he left behind a trail of angry politicians. “However, in the process, he developed a dedicated following and earned the respect of many public servants. (, Bill Pearl scholarship)
  2. the LBUSD announced new regulations for campus events this Wednesday. For indoor sporting events, attendance “will be capped at 25%”. The rules have caused many indoor events to be postponed. These include the Wilson Dance Show, Poly Mr. and Mrs. Jackrabbit Competition, plus field trips, overnight trips and the Kindergarten Festival. (LB Poste)
  3. MP Patrick O’Donnell announced his retirement from the political office on Wednesday. Insiders had considered him a possible candidate for the seat of mayor of LB who Robert garcia will leave while running for Congress. “I look forward to seeing all of you in the neighborhood and continuing our efforts to improve our neighborhoods, schools and communities,” he noted. (SpectrumNews 1)
  4. Josh lowenthal, the son of longtime MP Alan Lowenthal, has announced he will run for the seat MP Patrick O’Donnell will be stepping down. The young Lowenthal had already tried to run for a seat in the CO, but had lost “by about 5,000 votes”. Currently a business manager, he still has to define his political platform. (LB Poste)
  5. the Fresh Amazon in Long Beach is the place to be Sunday. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” Johnny Monster Bus will be parked on site. “People can sign up for giveaways, character meet and greet and other fun features.” This promotion precedes the latest installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise, Who streams on Prime Video from January 14. (Room)

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  • A kind of Avenue de l’Orme neighbor wants to know if anyone is missing a male mixed pit bull? He looks super skinny but is very friendly! (The door next door)
  • A Alamitos Beach neighbor lost a set of keys. These are 3 keys with a remote control for a car. (The door next door)
  • Our Wrigley Heights proper neighbor needs recommendations for an excellent licensed house painter. (The door next door)
  • Can you recommend an acupuncturist for our Cal heights neighbor? (The door next door)
  • Another one Cal heights neighbor has 2 tickets for Violins of Hope at Terrace Theater on 1/8. – They can’t attend. Anyone interested? (The door next door)

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