“Sinai is the pearl of the Egyptian crown”: President Sisi

FILE – President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

CAIRO – April 25, 2022: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi addressed the nation on Monday on the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Sinai, describing the peninsula as a precious part of the homeland.

“All Egyptians have an eternal appreciation for Sinai and regard it as the pearl in the crown. Sinai will always remain a source of pride for this nation, because it is the only land in the world visited by God, and the place chosen by the creator to inspire the first Abrahamic religion. As such, its religious and historical status is undisputed,” President Sisi noted.

The Head of State added that “the unique geographical location of Sinai has attracted attention throughout history, as it is the meeting point of the continents of the ancient world and the link between the East and the West”.

“April 25 will live forever in the memory of our nation, as it embodies the strong will of generations who valued a sense of belonging to their homeland and, therefore, pledged to defend its soil. As a result, they have Highly waved the flags of victory in the sky of national pride and dignity,” President Sisi said, hailing those who helped restore Sinai to the occupier, which was Israel.

“I salute the immortal souls of the martyrs…I salute the Egyptian diplomats who led the battle of negotiations, showing patience and perseverance to reclaim the beloved land. I salute the soul of the late President Mohamed Anwar al- Sadat, who made the two decisions of war and peace, with the bravery of knights and the wisdom of a leader who aspires to create a favorable climate for all peoples who cherish peace. Thus, we have recovered our land to begin a new phase of development of our precious Sinai, given that development is its first line of defense,” the President emphasized.

In this context, President Sisi has shown that the development projects underway in the Sinai aim to take advantage of its resources and ensure a better life for its inhabitants.

The president pointed out that the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Sinai coincides with the 50th anniversary of the victory of the 10th of Ramadan, which is the October 6, 1973 date of victory on the lunar calendar. He added that the anniversary also coincides with Eastern Easter, marking April 25 this year.

“I take this opportunity to once again greet Egyptian Christians. I also greet Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan which is coming to an end and Eid which is coming next week,” President Sisi said.

Moving on to another topic, the President pointed out, “In light of extremely complicated regional and international events, the overall strength of the state comes on top of the priorities of the state. The State has anticipated the horizons of the future with a profound vision of events, variables and international developments. Thus, we have reached a conviction, which is that whoever wants peace must possess the necessary power which is capable of maintaining that peace. From this point, I salute the members of the Egyptian military… who stand ready to protect a nation that has placed its ultimate trust in them and their abilities.”

“In parallel with the development of military capabilities, we are also moving forward with the development of the rest of the state’s capabilities. The most crucial are the economic capabilities, because we look forward to founding a strong national economy, capable of ward off various crises, and would allow us to achieve high growth rates that would create many job opportunities for our promising young people,” the President clarified.