The best moveset for Rhyperior in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

It’s hard to find a Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that fits the “tank” mold better than Rhyperior.

This Pokémon was one of the many new evolutions introduced in Generation IV. While Rhydon was already a fairly strong and bulky Pokémon, these attributes were only amplified when Rhyperior was created. It can take multiple attacks before it passes out, usually it takes two or three Pokémon with it.

What attacks work best on this Rock / Ground-type Pokémon?

With an attack stat of 140, it’s only natural that Rhyperior works best by simply giving him strong attacks and good cover; both are in this moveset.

  • Dance of swords
  • Earthquake
  • Edge of rock
  • Ice punch / fire punch

While very few Pokémon can take a hit or two from an unboosted Rhyperior, there will always be some that can tip, heal, and give Rhyperior a hard time. This is where Swords Dance comes in; it allows him to beat defensive walls.

Trainers should be grateful when they get Rhyperior, as it is one of the few people who learn Earthquake naturally. This will be Rhyperior’s primary attacking tool, as it is the best in terms of power and accuracy. It’s also always nice when a Trainer can save their TM Earthquake for another Pokemon.

Stone Edge may be inaccurate, but it’s still a great tool for Rhyperior. After all, the flying types are immune to earthquakes, so Rhyperior needs a way to deal with these Pokémon. Fortunately, Rhyperior is so bulky that it can afford to miss a Stone Edge here or there.

Rhyperior is known for his strong physical attacks and defense (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Rhyperior is known for his strong physical attacks and defense (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Suppose Rhyperior fights a Moltres. It may be missing with a Stone Edge, but what does Moltres do in return? Unless Moltres is carrying Will-o-Wisp, Rhyperior should be fine with whatever move he’s facing, then Stone Edge for the KO in the next round.

The final blow can be played with it, but in most cases Ice Punch is preferred. This attack hits two types of Pokémon that cause Rhyperior problems: Grass and Ground. If Rhyperior can make the swords dance, Ice Punch should heavily punish the Tangrowths. Hippodocus would otherwise have won the match.

For more competitive players, Fire Punch may be a better option. This is because of two Pokémon: Skarmory and Scizor. It’s really hard for Rhyperior to damage these bulky Pokémon otherwise, so it’s best to take them out with Fire Punch after a Sword Dance.

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