The winning designs of the international pearl design competition

While a pearl necklace will always be a timeless and classic accessory, the fashion world is experiencing a pearl revival. More than ever, the humble pearl is found woven into jewelry and accessories in all its shapes and chandeliers, even being named by Pinterest as one of the key trends to dominate in 2022.

Celebrating the best, creative and impressive pearl jewelry designs in the jewelry industry, the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) announced the international winners of its 12th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC).

President’s Trophy: Nebula Brooch by Stasia Parker

Awarded to the most beautiful and original of design concepts, the President’s Trophy is the first prize of the ACMPA. This year, the pearl that was recognized to have left a lasting impression of pearls as must-have gemstones was this blue and green brooch from Stasia Parker from the UK. Entitled Nebula Brooch, the piece is offered in 18k yellow gold with natural-colored blue Akoya pearls, green and blue tourmaline, cabochon-cut moonstones and diamonds.

Described as a “wearable constellation,” the Nebula brooch creates beams of celestial light and swirls in a sparkling center. Stasia Parker’s Nebula brooch also won the Spotlight Award for its amazing proposed use of one type of pearl primarily, in this case the amazing Akoya Blue Pearl.

Image: Nebula Brooch by Stasia Parker | Source: CPPA

Chandelier Award: Foam and Chamal Jayaratna pearl earrings

Awarded for the best design with a coveted and marketable appeal, the Luster Award recognizes designs that will appeal to a wide audience in the marketplace. This year, Sri Lankan jeweler Chamal Jayaratna took home the award for their foam and pearl earrings, which are offered in 18k yellow gold and adorned with natural-colored blue Akoya pearls.

Gold and pearl dangling earrings
Image: Chamal Jayaratna foam and pearl earrings | Source: CPPA

Orient Award: Splash Double Finger Ring by Subhankar Das

Based on an attractive design, innovative use of the pearl and an affordable price, the Orient Award went to the Splash Double Finger Ring by Subhankar Das. Set with 18k yellow gold, a stunning 12mm South Sea White Pearl, freshwater pearls and diamonds, the ring is inspired by the rippling effect of a splash of water.

Pearl ring design
Image: Splash Double Finger Ring by Subhankar Das | Source: CPAA

Visionary Award for Classic Styles: Rhapsody in Blue by Llyn Strelau

Canadian designer Llyn Strelau won the Visionary Award for Classic Styles in 2021 with her 50 inch long bangle necklace. Handwoven with countless blue and aquamarine Akoya pearls of Vietnamese origin, the piece titled Rhapsody in Blue was selected for its fresh look in an iconic bead style and can be worn as a necklace or even as a belt. .

Rhapsody in Blue Pearl Necklace Design
Image: Rhapsody in Blue Sautoir by Llyn Strelau | Source: CPPA

Fashion Award: first wife for Lijun Jiang and Millie Ho

Awarded for design showcasing a creative compilation of materials that create a youthful, high fashion look, the Fashion Award 2021 has been awarded to both Lijun Jiang of Huale Jewelry and Hong Kong designer Millie Ho. Temptation by Chinese designer Lijun Jiang were selected for their striking scorpion silhouette and appeal to “urban fashionistas and anti-heroine femme fatales”.

When it comes to Millie Ho’s Reversible Dice pendant, ACMPA highlighted the versatility of the design and its fun look with its long pendant.

Pearl and gold earrings
Image: Temptation earrings by Lijun Huale | Source: CPPA
Pearl pendant necklace
Image: The reversible dice | Source: CPPA

Wedding Day Pearls Award: The Dawn Necklace by Hanna Korhonen

Awarded for best design for a contemporary bride, the Wedding Day Pearls Award went to Finnish jewelry designer Hanna Korhonen for her design titled The Dawn Necklace. Moved to be crafted in 18k yellow gold and adorned with white South Sea cultured pearls, the piece is inspired by the “shiny golden sunbeams of the early morning.”

Pearl and gold necklace
Image: The Dawn Necklace by Hanna Korhonen | Source: CPAA