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Stickers may appear to be a purely cosmetic aspect of Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl, but players can have fun using them to customize the appearance of their combat partners. Moreover, they can play an important role in Super Contest Shows, helping players score higher in the visual appearance of the competition.

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There are more than 20 categories of stickers in Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl, with 100 total stickers available to collect. However, tracking them all down can be a monumental task. This is where players can find all the stickers in the game, to decorate their Pokeballs as they wish.


Floaroma City Stickers

the florist in the city of floaroma

At the Flower Shop in Floaroma Town, players can talk to the blonde woman in the northeast section of the room to trade berries for stickers. The following stickers are available here for the following Berry prices:

Sticker Berries needed to purchase
Electrical sticker A 3 honey berries
D song sticker 3 chesto berries
Sticker Heart A 3 peach berries
Fire Sticker D 3 raw berries
Bubble D Sticker 3 Aspear berries
Smoke Sticker B 3 Leppa berries
Sticker Flora F 3 Berries of Oran
Party Sticker B 3 persimmon berries
E star sticker 3 Lum berries
Tape Sticker B 3 Sitrus Berries
Burning Sticker A 10 Razz Berries
Ethereal Sticker A 10 Bluk Berries
Sheet Sticker C 10 Nanab Berries
Sticker Stone B 10 Wepear Berries
Cool Sticker C 10 corn berries
Sinister Sticker A 10 Magost Berries
Sticker Sky C 10 Rabuta berries
Spark Sticker A 10 nomel berries

Sunyshore Market stickers

sun market

This building is located in Sunyshore City above the PokeMart. Talk to the man wearing glasses in the top left of the shop and he’ll offer you a selection to buy. The stickers available at Sunyshore Market vary by day of the week. Seven stickers will be available every day, at 50₽ or 100₽.

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Day of the week 50 stickers 100 stickers
  • A star sticker
  • Party Sticker C
  • Bubble D Sticker
  • Sticker Flora F
  • G song sticker
  • Electrical sticker A
  • Tape Sticker B
  • Sticker Heart A
  • Fire Sticker A
  • Song Sticker A
  • B star sticker
  • Electricity sticker B
  • Tape Sticker C
  • D party sticker
  • Sticker Flora A
  • B song sticker
  • Heart Sticker B
  • Fire Sticker B
  • C star sticker
  • Sticker Electricity C
  • Tape Sticker D
  • Sticker Flora B
  • C song sticker
  • Heart Sticker C
  • Sticker Fire C
  • D star sticker
  • Smoke Sticker A
  • Electricity Sticker D
  • Sticker Bubble A
  • Sticker Flora C
  • D song sticker
  • Fire Sticker D
  • Heart D Sticker
  • Smoke Sticker B
  • E star sticker
  • Party Sticker A
  • Bubble D Sticker
  • Sticker Flora D
  • E song sticker
  • E Heart Sticker
  • F star sticker
  • Smoke Sticker C
  • Party Sticker B
  • Sticker Bubble C
  • Sticker Flora E
  • F song sticker
  • Self-adhesive tape A
  • Smoke sticker D
  • F Heart Sticker

Gym Battle Rewards

from left to right: Gardenia, Fantina, Volkner

After defeating each of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, they will give the player some stickers as a reward. Each Gym Leader has a few different stickers they give when first defeated, but will only give one sticker with each successful rematch. This rematch reward will be the same each time.

Head of gym Initial battle Rematch
  • Smoke Sticker B
  • Stone A or C Stickers
Stone Sticker A
  • Stickers Flora A – E
  • Sinister Sticker A
  • Ethereal Sticker A
Sticker Sheet A
  • A or C tape stickers
  • D party sticker
  • Flora E or F stickers
  • Spark Sticker C
Burning sticker B
Accidental awakening
  • D star sticker
  • Tape Sticker B
  • Sticker Bubble B
  • A or D song stickers
  • Cool Sticker A
Cool Sticker A
  • F star sticker
  • Party Stickers A, B or D
  • Sinister Stickers B or C
  • Ethereal Sticker C
  • Tip sticker B
Sinister Sticker B
  • Stone B or C stickers
  • Tenacity Sticker D
Sticker Stone B
  • E star sticker
  • Cool stickers B or C
Cool Sticker B
  • Electricity vignettes B or C
  • Spark Stickers B or C
Spark Sticker C

Other repeatable sources

contest, massage girl and jubilife tv station

All of the purchasable options for getting stickers allow the player to buy as many as they want (as long as they can afford the price). The following, on the other hand, give players unlimited free opportunities to get stickers.

Contest stickers

By coming first in the Super Contest Shows in Hearthome City, the player will receive a sticker relating to the category of contest in which he has just participated. For example, winning a cuteness contest will award a cute sticker, a toughness contest will award a tough sticker, and so on.

There are four stickers of each type, rated A through D. The specific sticker assigned is random; i.e. any Cleverness contest can give away an A, B, C or D smart sticker.

The Masseuse

In Veilstone City, the massage girl is an NPC who will massage one of the player’s Pokémon once per day. While massaging a Pokémon, she can find one of the following stickers, which she will send back to the player:

  • burning sticker C
  • Sticker Sheet B
  • Sheet Sticker C
  • Sticker Sky A
  • Sinister C Sticker

Jubilife television producer

On the third floor of the Jubilife City TV Channel is a man who asks the player questions about their TV preferences daily. If the player responds, they will receive one of the following stickers as a thank you for their help in market research:

  • Any Heart Sticker
  • Any Star Sticker
  • Any adhesive tape
  • All Electricity Sticker
  • Any ethereal sticker
  • Any Sky Sticker
  • Any Stone Sticker
  • Any Leaf Sticker
  • Sinister A or C sticker
  • Cool Sticker C
  • Burning Sticker A

NPC Gifts

player receiving stickers

Certain NPCs will give stickers to the player as they travel through Sinnoh. Keep in mind, however, that unlike the repeatable sources above, these characters will only drop one sticker per game. Keep an eye out for the following characters:

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  • On the second floor of the Jubilife TV channel, a man will give the player a different sticker depending on which starter Pokemon they have chosen.
    • Piplup: bubble sticker A
    • Turtwig: Flora B sticker
    • Chimchar: Fire Sticker A
  • A woman on Route 213 will give the player a Heart Sticker B.
  • Another woman on route 213 will give a sticker tape B.
  • A man on route 213 will give the player a D sticker tape.
  • In a house in the southeast area of ​​Canalave City, a woman will give the player an Ethereal Sticker B.
  • A woman from Eterna City will give the player a Leaf B sticker.
  • A Sky Sticker B can be obtained from a woman at the gate connecting routes 206 and 207.
  • A woman on the first floor of the Veilstone department store will give a fire sticker A.

Special stickers


In Pokemon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl, there are three stickers that can only be obtained under special circumstances. These are:

  • the champion sticker, earned after beating the Elite Four in their second rematch
  • the Fashionista Sticker, that players receive after purchasing all outfits from the Metronome Style Shop in Veilstone City
  • the Show main stickerwhich is received after the player wins all Master Rank contests with a single Pokémon.

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